Ellie's Friends

Our Goal

The initial goal of The Eleanor Rose Foundation is to set up a website, Ellie's Friends, which will act as a hub for people with skills or products to be able to offer their services to those living with cancer.

Ellie occasionally enjoyed 'pampering sessions' at the fantastic cancer charity Maggie's, which took place at their London centre in Hammersmith. This gave Ellie a welcome respite from the challenge of dealing with her treatment, but as it entailed a 40-minute journey from Brixton - a difficult undertaking when going through chemo - she wasn't able to take advantage of it as frequently as she otherwise might have. She also enjoyed acupuncture, yoga and meditation, all of which had both mental and physical benefits, but she often didn't feel up to travelling any significant distance to attend such sessions.

We are looking for skilled people all over the country to sign up to the Ellie's Friends initiative and for people living with cancer to sign up to be able to benefit from this goodwill. It is our ambition that with a large national network of willing service providers, people in active treatment for cancer will be able to enjoy these benefits within easy reach of their home.

Frequently, experiencing cancer treatment also means having to give up work or reduce working hours, so a cancer diagnosis often results in money worries and having to cut back on the little treats that makes life enjoyable. As well as skills and services, Ellie's Friends will enable people living with cancer to access discounted products or freebies.

Who Can Help?

Thanks to Ellie's popular blog, many generous people got in touch offering her things they thought would brighten her day, such as cosmetics, beauty treatments and event tickets. We know that there are lots of people out there who want to help those going through a tough time with cancer but don't know exactly how to do so, and we want Ellie's Friends to make it easy for them.

People such as masseurs, holistic therapists, yoga teachers and manicurists can donate a portion of their working hours (as little as half an hour a week) for free through Ellie's Friends to be redeemed by members of the initiative.

But Ellie's Friends isn't just for people with these types of skills. We want anyone who thinks they have something to offer to sign up to Ellie's Friends; from people with holiday homes that may stand empty at times to hotel chains and entertainment companies who might donate rooms or tickets either for free or at a reduced rate. In fact, anyone with a product to offer can sign up.

If you would like to sign up to the Ellie's Friends initiative please visit our 'get involved' page to find out how.

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