The Eleanor Rose Foundation was set up in memory of Eleanor Jeffery, who died of secondary breast cancer aged 29. The aims of the Eleanor Rose Foundation are inspired by Ellie’s own experiences of living with cancer, documented through her immensely popular blog Written Off.

Cancer treatment is both a huge physical and mental challenge and the kindness and generosity of others during these times can make a huge difference. Our goal is to give adults living with cancer the opportunity to access a wide variety of free treats, services and products in their area via our new initiative Ellie’s Friends.

Equally important, we recognise that there are already a huge number of amazing charities and support groups that provide vital services for adults living with cancer. Ellie’s Friends uses a postcode finder to act as an online directory, making it easier for people to find support groups and charities active in their area. Please watch our video and visit our site at to find out how you might be able help people with cancer enjoy life, not just survive it.

ellie Eleanor Rose Jeffery, 8/1/83 - 18/5/12 Make a donation to the Eleanor Rose Foundation